Artlab visit to Reading University

Going to the Reading University has been one of the best trips in this school. We went on a 10 – 15 min walk to the university and were greeted by a lovely lady called Tina who took us into a room. On our way we were given bright red/blue overalls. Once there we were introduced to some of the staff such as Daisy, Nahar, Wendy and four others.

There was also a man called James who was an Astrophysicist. He gave us a detailed slideshow of what life was like in the international space station. He also told how to work towards jobs that support astronauts going into space. Jobs like: an engineer, a nutritionist, a technician, all ensure the astronauts safety when they go to space.

After the slideshow we went in to a work shop. Inside there was a worktop with lots of different art and craft equipment. This made me really curious to know what was going to happen next.

A lady came forward with a purple box and we had to make circuits with wires and batteries. We had to build circuits using different outputs; we had buzzers, a light, a fan, a motor and many others. The motor was really cool because you could attach wheels to it and make it move.

After that activity we demonstrated our circuits before making a 3D piece using the circuits and art equipment. This was something for Tim Peake that they could 3D scan and print and send to him. In the university they had three 3D printers in total. They were very interesting to watch and seeing how the sculpture was formed.

After lunch we swopped with the blue team and met an artist called Florian. He put three blocks of clay on the table and we had to make a landscape of outer space. But here was the catch; we had to do it blindfolded! It was so funny to see afterwards what we had come up with. Next we had to make a miniature sculpture of Tim Peake in is space suit. Ours was sitting down and was quite detailed.

At the end we had a group photo and thanked the staff and students for a wonderful day and made our way back to school.             Report written by Abinaya


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