E-Safety Day

On Wednesday 7th October 2015, it was the privilege of Maiden Erlegh School in Reading to host an e-safety day led by Intel Security UK and Bletchley Park. 

The day started with an assembly led by Intel and Bletchley Park and saw engaged pupils asking probing questions about the topic of Ethics.  Pupils were shocked to discover the age limitations on programs such as What App, Instagram and Facebook.  They then took part in workshops about security and safety and realised the importance of, amongst other aspects, password protection. 

A themed lunch was provided which included Megabyte burgers and Microchips which was enjoyed by all – the Intel Staff all took photos of the menu for posterity.

In the afternoon, we focused on the projects which involved them solving problems using the skills they’d learned during the day.  Some of these became dramatic pieces which were filmed and became Vlogs.

The feedback from the volunteers focussed on the pupils’ knowledge, conduct and engagement during the day.  They were very impressed with their knowledge of e-safety issues and how interactive they were with each workshop.

They said:

“e-safety day was Engaging, Enjoyable and Entertaining"

The students had a great level of knowledge about safety. Still, they were very engaged, motivated and interested in the topic! It was a pleasure to spend the day with them.”

“We found out early on that we had a great audience that were not shy about asking questions or giving their opinions! This made for an engaging, enjoyable and entertaining day.”

“I was amazed how much the students knew and all seemed so interested in the topics. The effort some of the groups put into their projects was incredible, clearly some of our messages sunk in!”

Thanks must go out to all of those involved in delivering the day, including teaching staff, TA’s, and the volunteers from Intel and Bletchley Park.  The volunteers’ insight into security and safety had a large impact on all pupils and staff.

Most importantly, thanks to the pupils for being such good ambassadors for the school and for taking such an active interest in online safety.

 Miss Brooke, ICT and Computing.

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