Environment Day

Last Friday our school day had an environmental theme.

The day began with an assembly, during which the children considered how the environment relates to their daily lives. Specifically, we focused on the natural and human features of the environment in Reading. We mentioned river Thames, Forbury Gardens but also looked at how the town developed throughout the years. After that, we watched an animation concerning the global aspect of the environment.  

Later on in their tutor groups, the children had the opportunity to elaborate on the ideas which sprung from the assembly and had in depth discussions on the effects of human intervention on the environment.  Reflecting on how they could protect or improve the environment around our school, they came up with rules that we should consider as a school community. 

For the rest of the school day, all lessons were linked to this topic. The children were given the opportunity to discuss environmental issues further and this highlighted the relevance of the environment to different aspects of the curriculum.  

All of the above was also a great way to start the Environmental after school club. The club will meet once a week to discuss environmental issues that concern us, organise investigations and promote actions for change.

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